I wish so, so much that I could get Colum to rock this for Halloween.
He says he wants to be Spiderman. Blah.
The shelves are too high to be functional for a kid. Lower might *actually* encourage reading via easy access.

I won’t get on a rant about decor being functional, not just attractive in magazine spreads…
This is close to how I remember the San Francisco zoo kept their tigers when I was a wee one - except they were kind of elevated on a platform so you couldn’t be face to face like that. I was probably dressed similarly to this girl when Grandma took me, but not nearly as well behaved.

Rory had a total spaz attack/tantrum/meltdown last night when I told him there wouldn’t be enough time after dinner for him to go swimming with his friend.

Today I showed him this video - hoping he’d gain a little insight into the fact that no one thinks it’s cool and even 6 year olds realize that kind of behavior is ridiculous.

Unfortunately, he seems to think he *never* acts like that and that Colum is the guy who really needs the help.

At what age do you gain self awareness?



OMG! Adorbz of the Day: Jeremy and Justin do their Just Dance 2 thing to OutKast’s “Hey Ya!”


I think we all know who the more fabulous brother is…

That kid on the right has some hip moves that put Chris Brown to shame.