Hi, I’m Michelle & this is my Tumblr!


I’m Michelle MacPhearson. I do internet marketing.

Back in the day Tumblr was released and because I’m a bad ass, I got in early and got the coolest username ever - Michelle.

That’s helpful because when I have to use my last name, my usernames get stupid long.

Anyway, this was way back when, and I was developing a system around using social media properties - like Tumblr - for link building. I know, it sounds like common sense now, (unless you’re not in internet marketing, then it sounds like gobbeldygook) but back then it was a pretty new and fresh idea. So used used this michelle.tumblr.com account to build links to my other web properties and social media profiles by having it republish their RSS feeds automatically. I then promptly forgot it existed.

But now, years later, I really like what Tumblr has done with itself in terms of creating a flexible, simple platform with some really innovative social features built in (kinda like a Livejournal or Diaryland of 2001, but for geeks and with less cutting) - so I stopped the link building posts and am deciding what to do with this site - and it’s bitchin’ username.

There are quite a few projects that I’ve always wanted to work on - and make a bit o cash from - that I’ve never had the time or patience to put together. I’m super inspired by what my cousin Chelsea is doing at All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go.

Unfortunately, my sense of fashion pales next to hers (right now I’m wearing grey yoga capris that I call my “Seal Pants” as they make my thighs look like 2 nursling seal pups). So I’m the last person you should be taking fashion advice from.

So while I’m not certain the direction (if any) we’ll take here, I’m as interested as you in seeing where it ends up.